The word “ADKAR” is an acronym for the five outcomes an individual needs to achieve for a change to be successful: AwarenessDesireKnowledgeAbility and Reinforcement.

The model was developed nearly two decades ago by Prosci founder Jeff Hiatt after studying the change patterns of more than 700 organisations. The ADKAR Model is used by thousands of change leaders around the world.

Organisational changes often fail because employees don’t understand the importance of getting on board the change or how to successfully make the change. They simply understand that a change is happening. And leaders are often not equipped to engage individuals effectively during the change and to manage any potential resistance.

The ADKAR Model addresses these challenges by equipping leaders with the right strategies and tools, and individuals with the right information, motivation and ability to successfully move through changes in the organisation. The ADKAR model of change management is a widely-used approach that has been around for many years and is extensively field-tested.

The Success Company has an established track record of designing and utilizing phased-approaches to change management including using ADKAR as part of global development initiatives as well as in our collaborations with private-sector clients and cross-sector partnerships.